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We like to think that we kick ass :)

Ted Stelzenmuller- Chef/Owner


No one should ever read these things, but here is Ted's true life story.

He was born in a pool of gasoline in 1974. The future looked bleak. Somehow he excelled in school at an early age. He was particularly fond of chess. In 1980 he flew to Los Angeles to play the legendary Bobby Fischer. Ted won the match 6-0. Some say it was the one sided drubbing that lead Fischer down the path of madness.

Having become disillusioned with the seedy chess world Ted threw himself into his studies. That led him to Princeton University in 1983. It was here that he met Doogie Howser. In every interview Doogie attributes his success, at Princeton and the medical field, to Ted. Later that year Ted was named the youngest Rhodes Scholar ever. And Doogie had no hand in helping reach that achievement. 

After completing his world renowned thesis on gaseous expenditures, he "went Kerouac" with Dale Doback. These were some great years, though he does not remember much from that time.

He emerged from his academic and spiritual slumber in late 1989 in Berlin Germany. It was here that he was introduced to Mikhail Gorbachev. Mikhail was eager to test the chess skills of the young Theodore. What happened behind closed doors is still a mystery and Ted has remained tight lipped about the subject. What is known is the next day the Berlin wall fell, and there was much rejoicing. Coincidence? We may never know.

It was then that Ted travelled to Seattle to get away from the pressures of international affairs. Here he met a young fellow with similar musical tastes. Together they penned one of the most influential albums of all time. This fellow was Kurt Cobain, and the album was Nevermind. Ted refused to take any credit for the major role he played on the albums creation. He was simply happy to see his friend succeed. 

Ted realized that all of his past experiences meant nothing. That is when he found his true calling. in 1990 he applied for a job as a busboy at Rick's Prime Rib House in Pittsford NY. There was no turning back. Soon he attended culinary school, worked in some kitchens, then decided to open a restaurant called Jack's Bistro. After 10 years as chef and owner of Jack's Bistro his passion for the culinary arts led him to his greatest achievement. Blair's on Hudson. You're welcome :-)

Brandon Stanley- Sous Chef


Brandon has boyish good looks and definately kicks ass. He is also referred to as the songbird of his generation. He has a voice that made Luciano Pavarotti quit singing.

UPDATE!!! Brandon has left the building.

He has taken his talents to our sister restaurant in Canton, The Regal Beagle, where he is the head chef!

Check him and Ryan Sparks out at 3123 Elliott St.